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Multifunctional ARM processor

Self research Motherboard, Master the kernel technology, Powerful ARM core processor.
Smoothly motor-driven, 512 subdividing circuit

Optional brand module to enjoy high-definition life

1.3MP pixels,1/3"low illumination CMOS, 18X/20X optical zoom

Intelligent Zoom see clearly far and near

Intelligent Zoom monitoring, see anywhere clearly

360°endless non-surveillance blind area

Intelligent patrols, Arbitrary programming settings

360°endless pan range and 0°- 90°tilt range Support auto-flip, non-surveillance blind area Support proportional zoom function, rotation speed can be adjusted automatically according to zoom multiples.

High quality accessories,
Reasonable structural design, Good reliability.

Precision motor-driven,keen responsive,smoothly operation,the precision deviation less than 0.1 degree High quality accessories, Longer working life

7 pcs Array Led,make the night is clear as daytime

7 pcs Array Led,Min Illumination 0Lux,IR Distance 60M, Matching algorithm of infrared light and magnification distance, Constant current circuit design, IR lights life up to 30000 hours, IR-CUT technology, Automatic switching when the light is low.

HCMS software

Support mobile phone and computer remote control,
Support Chinese and English IE interface and operation tips function, user friendly interface

Sophisticated material, excellent quality

weather proof reach IP66 grade, support lightning protection, surge protection and voltage transient protection.

Using CGS cooling system, reduce the
internal temperature of the dome camera quickly.

3 digital temperature system,monitoring the temperature of system, camera, infrared light board real time. Automatic control fan and heating module. Built-in thermal balance processing device, effectively prevent the inner cover fogging, make sure the dome camera is working properly.