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Good communication compatibility, built-in many kinds of protocols

3D speedily transmission joystick

3D joystick for controlling PTZ Camera's moving and zooming easily and speedily
controlling the speed of the PTZ by swing the joystick angle.

realize the control to PTZ

Support camera Zoom, preset position, cruise and trajectory





Control as you like

RS485 control bus, can control 255pcs head-end equipment address and connect 128 pcs equipment in parallel at the most,
Maximum sub-control 16 pcs keyboard.

Easily on line refresh and upgrade firmware

efurbish the program on line, compile corresponding promotion program according to the protocol and command provided by customer,
customer connect keyboard controller through RS485 interface on the computer to update firmware.

Button settings, quickly and easily

Unique control code study function, the customer can revise the control code instruction voluntarily
Keyboard operation password on/off/lock function
Manifold communication mode, RS485,RS422,RS232
All parameters are set by key-press operation procedure, it is convenient and fast

Anti-radar design, powerful anti-jamming performance

All input and output communication port use anti-radar design,powerful anti-jamming performance, the standard transmitting distance is 1200 meters